Tips on How to Throw a Baby Shower

When you are expecting a baby, one of the things that’s usually anticipated is the baby shower. It’s another reason to have a party, and if you are lucky, you’ll receive some nice gifts like Baby Shower Bundles, baby clothes, and even special gifts for the parents. For many, throwing a baby shower is new to them so they might be at a loss as to where to start. It helps to do some research and have some guidance on where to start.

If you are here, you are probably looking for some information on how to throw a good baby shower for yourself or for someone in your life. So let’s get down to the business and discuss some tips on how to throw a good baby shower and some things you need to consider when planning.

Decide if it will be a Co-ed Baby Shower or Not

Many traditional baby showers are not co-ed, they are made for just the mum and her female friends but nobody said you have to follow this rule. If you are planning the baby shower for someone, ask them if they want it to be co-ed (i.e made for both the mom and dad and their friends). Many people don’t even think it’s an option and reminding them goes a long way and you might be surprised they might actually want it. If you are planning your shower, talk with your partner and see if he want to join in on the festivities. Dad’s do not have to be left out just because of some nameless tradition. You might end up having a nice baby shower party with all your friends and everyone will feel included and happy. Do things your own way so at least think about it before you start planning.

Decide Who Would do the Baby Shower Planning

So typically, a baby shower is not a party you throw for yourself, someone else always throws it for you (of course there are exceptions). Usually, that person is a sibling, parent, close friend, coworker or a relative. Whatever your situation, do not allow the decision of who is throwing it overwhelm you. If there are many people in your life who want to do the honors, just choose who you want or if you don’t want to choose, have them decide amongst themselves. If there is no one, then you go ahead and throw the baby shower for yourself and don’t forget to have a good time.

Decide on the Baby Shower Timing

The timing of the baby shower is very important. You don’t want to have the party too early into your pregnancy is you might still be busy preparing for your baby and getting your house ready, and you don’t want to have the party too late into the pregnancy so you have sometime after the party to go back to normal in the house and also so you are not too heavily pregnant to have any fun at the party. The timing is important; you want to have the party at least four to six weeks before your due date so that you’ll have plenty of time to borrow or buy any necessities for your baby that you still need.

Decide on the Baby Shower Guest List

Deciding on who should be on a guest list is always a bit of an overwhelming thing to do. Whoever you invite is a decision you and your host should make. Experts suggest that you try to invite only those truly close to you. You don’t want a guest list to be too long as it is an intimate event and at the same time you do not want to share that intimate moment with people you barely know who would rather be anywhere else anyways but felt obliged to attend.


Should you Have a Baby Shower for a 2nd or 3rd Kid?

The answer to this questions is “do whatever you want”. Gone are the days of following these vague rules that were made by who exactly? You can have is many baby showers as babies you have and that is totally ok. You can decide to have something small or throw a big bash each time. You are bringing a new life into the world and it is up to you how you want to celebrate it.

What Should be on Baby Shower Party Itinerary?

When planning, you have to decide what to do at the party. WHat games to lay, the timing of everything and also if you should open gifts during or after the party. The more common thing to do is open your presents during the party and have it be a focal point of the party even.

People love seeing the gifts and seeing the tiny onesies and cute and quirky baby shower gifts. Depending on how big the party is, you can open all gifts, or open just a few. Also, always remember to send “thank you notes” at most two months after the baby is born.

Baby Shower Party Games

when choosing games choose the games that you know will go well with your guest list and the kind of crowd you are expecting. Games are a big part of baby showers so choosing the right ones is important. I personally do not like the gross or disgusting games that will leave guests violated or saying “ewww” “ewww” all the time. You also don’t want games that will leave your guests embarrassed so you should get crafty in choosing nice and fun games for your party. Some ideas are: you could have a crafty game where guests have to write things down or draw and get creative. This will keep them engaged and entertained at the same time.

Serve Drinks

When throwing a shower, remember though the party is in honor of the baby and pregnant mom, the guests in attendance are going to be adults. It helps to have some fancy cocktails and maybe sparkling wine available for your guests. You could make baby shower themed cocktails (there are loads of ideas online). Having good drinks options to accompany the food or snacks will keep our guests happy and satisfied.